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Want to Know Why Your Website Isn't Bringing Lead to Your Business? It's Probably Poor Web Design

When a small business is setting up a website, it’s tempting to pick a cookie-cutter template instead of getting a custom Web Design. You make a few changes and go with it. When you’re done, it doesn’t look too bad. If you type your company name into your browser, there it is. Everything is good. Right?

You wait. You expected leads to start coming in, but not much is happening. Run another test. Type in a search or keyword phrase that someone might use when looking for a business like yours, such as “plumber in augusta.” You see a list of websites belonging to your competitors. If you were looking for someone to fix a leak, you’d call one of them, not your business. Where is the listing for your business?

SEO - If You Don’t Optimize, You’re Invisible

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to all of the different techniques employed to make a website visible to searchers. Your website was listed by the search engines, but it wasn’t on the first page. Any website that isn’t on the first search engine result page is effectively invisible. Why? Almost no one looks beyond the first page of website links. Most clicks will go to the top 3 listings.

SEO is part of the overall Web Development of a website. Search engines like Google or Bing rank websites based on about 200 different factors. The goal of SEO is to have the website score highly for ranking factors, advancing to the top for relevant keyword phrases. When that happens, the leads that your business depends upon will start flowing in.

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The Essential Elements of Web Design

Consistent: Design elements such as fonts, colors and logos should be consistent throughout the website. When it comes to colors and fonts, keep it simple. Try to use only five colors and three fonts. Your contact information should be in the same format on every page.

Intuitive: Navigation should be obvious and well-organized. Don’t try to be creative. A website visitor didn’t come to figure your website out or be entertained, they came for a specific reason, needing a solution for a problem. Make it easy for them to navigate your website. Buttons and forms should be easily understood and obvious. Keep it simple. Over 60% of users will abandon a website if they don’t find what they’re looking for almost immediately.

Informative Content: Tell your brand’s story clearly. Have at least 300 words per page for SEO purposes. Video content has become very important, but must be short and informative.

Responsive: Responsive web design is critical. It allows your website to function correctly for any mobile user on any device. Responsive design is also a Google ranking factor.

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